Day 3

Slept better last night, but woke early (or was woken I should say). Feel like I’m in a bit of a daze to be honest, like everything’s happening around me but not to me – if that makes any sense?

I have a really long day at work today – 2 hours, I hate the long days, they really take it out of me and bugger me up for Friday and Saturday until I have my two days off to recover on Sunday and Monday, I think the two long days in a row are one of the (many) reasons I would end up drinking on a Friday night, I would feel so absolute bloody shattered that I would use the drink just to pep me up, to make me feel alive and awake, Yes it worked well on the night but not quite so well the next morning when I would have to head into work hungover, feeling like crap, depressed, tearful and just trying t get through the day, promising myself thats it! Till 5pm when ‘well just one or two to make me feel slightly better’ (what one or two bloody bottles more like it) and repeat the next day. Blergh – well not this weekend, no this weekend is full of hot baths, hot chocolates and sleep thank you.


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