Day 5

So here I am sitting at work (again) with a cup of tea next to me and I’m feeling fabulosa!!! Please Lord let me never forget how amazing it is to wake up on a Saturday morning hangover free (even if I do have to be at work at silly o’clock’).

I went to pick the kids up from the pub last night and ended up staying for 2 alcohol free bears, it didn’t bother me really, just showed me how I do NOT want to be like all the other drunk people in the pub – blurred eyes, slurring, repeating ‘funny’ stories, boring, boring, boring. I was so happy to go home to bed.

We were meant to go to the pub again tonight to watch he England vs Ireland game but I’ve already told hubby he’s free to go and stay as late as he likes but me and the girls are having a movie night in. The girls are very excited about this – due to long work hours I don’t nearly see as much of them as I should, so this will be a nice time to chill and connect.


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