Day 6

Slept well last night, a few weird dreams but pretty much a deep slumbering sleep, but still woke up tired this morning – grrrrrrrrrrr. I have been yawning all morning and its only 10am.

As I said last night tiredness really is one of my biggest triggers, what happens is I get over tired and then I think a drink will pep me up and make me feel  better, more alive, more sociable and able to cope, when I’m tired and not drinking I feel like a granny (no offence at all to grannies – my granny is going all guns blazing at 91), but I just feel older that my years, maybe I’m mourning my youth, I just wish I felt energetic with not drinking, not going from one extreme to the other i.e drinking and all guns blazing to not drinking and feeling exhausted. I’m sure it will get better and in a months time I’ll have the energy without needing the drink but at the moment I am just tired, happy to be sober – so happy – but tired.

Tomorrow is my real day off – No work, kids at school, hubby at work, so I am now going to think of some nice treats to reward myself for getting through one whole week.


5 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. I am quietly rooting for you from the sidelines…every morning an email appears in my in box if you posted and I am counting on you to keep going. The cyber sober world is dependent on blogs like yours for encouragement.. Deb from Granny Gets Sober (no offence taken 😉


    • Deb thank you so much, your comment was just what I needed at exactly this moment in time, I am so so shattered, I don’t even know what to do with myself right now, I think its got to be hot chocolate and sober blogs. Glad no offence was taken 😉 I’m sure are a super grannie with loads of energy xxxx


  2. Wonderful you’ve made it for the past six days. . Every one of those days your body and mind have been cleansing out the toxicity, even though you may not feel so great. You are attempting to rebuild yourself both inside and out, and it’s a mighty task that it worth every bit of work. It is the most courageous thing a person who has addiction struggles can do, no question. It is one thing you will never regret, not ever. May you be at peace, may you be well.


  3. Your body is healing. It takes time and a lot of energy. It’s a great time to learn to do less!
    I hope you are enjoying hot chocolate.
    Booze is a depressant. Any energy you get is fake.

    Take care. Rest. Be gentle with yourself.


  4. Thank you so so much for all your support; yes my body is healing and detoxing – it can only be good.
    I ended up having two hot chocolates, getting hubby to take my daughter to the birthday party, sent the other one one to the neighbours to play and had a nice long hot bath, collapsed in to bed at 9pm and was out like a light.


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