One week down

Managed to get through yesterday, it wasn’t the drink that was calling me it was my bed, I was so so exhausted, for the whole day, not just a bit of it but the whole bloody thing, made me feel I was going mad, I could barely keep my eyes open. Hubby was very very supportive and took the eldest child to the birthday party, I was worried I might fall asleep on the drive and then the idea of having to converse with other parents nearly made me cry, so he was great, I then sent the youngest daughter over to the neighbours to play for a few hours and then I went and had a nice long hot bath, managed to stay awake (just about). Girls came home and hubby went to the pub, I drove them down to the supermarket and told them to choose whatever they wanted for dinner (two ham sandwiches) and desert (wotsits and pringles), I got a microwave meal and some kettle chips for myself and a oven pie for hubby, went home and we dossed down in front of a movie for 2 hours then hubby was home to put them to bed. Watched crap tv for an hour and then fell into a fabulously deep sleep – with only one weird dream.

So I survived and am already feeling better today, I’ve dropped the kids to school, done a grocery shop in which I indulged in bath oils and a new book, I’m now sitting in starbucks with a strawberry and cram frapacccino – YUM and now heading off to get my nails done – well whats a girl to do with 7 sober days under her belt.


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