Day 11

Feeling much much better than last weekend, the tiredness is still present but not that utter and complete exhaustion that I experienced last weekend, this tiredness is just from working to much. The anger has subsided and the sadness is appearing, everything is making me tearful, songs on the radio, sad stories on TV or Facebook, nice stories on tv and Facebook, my own thoughts anything and everything.

I’m trying to be kind to myself, I’m enjoying tea and hobnobs, I’m hiding away at my workplace after hours just to have an hour of peace to myself, I’m treating myself to white hot chocolate from a gorgeous cafe down the road.

This Sunday is Mothers day, we never eat out on Mothers day, its like eating out on valentines night, completely packed and over priced. We have a babysitter Saturday night and are going out for a meal, Sunday will be gymnastic pickups and drop-offs and a nice walk along the river to a cafe for tea and cakes, nice chilled and relaxed.



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