Day 3

Ended up drinking on Mothers day, I had no plans to do anything of the kind, I had a lovely day with the family, nice long walks along the river, nice long hot baths, hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and plans of a takeaway in front of the TV, when hubby announced as a surprise he had booked dinner out – uh oh and thats where it all went pear shaped, I had a becks blue to start with and then gave into the cravings and had a glass of wine, I drank (I think) because at this point I was hungry (starving in fact) and tired (I just wanted dinner and TV), I didn’t even enjoy the taste of it – yuck, but then I ordered another and another and said nothing when hubby picked up a bottle of wine for us to share on the way home. So this is just another example of how I CAN NOT FUCKING MODERATE. Woke the next morning feeling upset, depressed and shitty BUT also more determined than ever that alcohol does not have a place in my life, I much prefer my life times a million without alcohol, I just need to remember this and stay strong when things outside my comfort zone go awry.



2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Build your sober supports. You are still information gathering..but it sounds like you have all you need now.
    Treat yourself gently and protectively. Take some time for you as you build a sober life.


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